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Over 16 Million Downloads

Resource List

The list below is the tools I use and recommend to all my clients to make the most of their marketing efforts. You'll see everything from scheduling to course creation and site hosting. Make sure to check this page often as it will be updated with new information frequently.

Kajabi - Of course, that's the platform you're on. It's the best website, course-building, landing page creator, and email marketing platform I've ever used.

Patrice Washington once said to me, "It doesn't matter what others are doing, they don't have the Vernon Ross Secret Sauce", I laughed but she was 100% right!

I realized that “imperfect action” beats “perfect inaction” any day! 

How was I going to market, sell, and fulfill my digital products and consulting? 

I've used WordPress and hundreds of plug-ins but nothing really worked well. I needed hosting, email marketing and shopping cart software.

Give it a test drive and see if it’s something that might help you. - This platform launched earlier this year and is finally a true contender to Kajabi. I currently use both but may start using Leadstack as my only platform. You can build everything you need including lead capture, texting, and calling all on your website. Courses, landing pages, and funnels are all possible with this platform. Message me if you would like to see one of the sites I've built with Leadstack.


Speaking Opportunities  

I Find You Close 

This site finds and list speaking gigs across all industries. If you're looking to expand your influence and get booked on more podcasts, sell your book, or promote your courses speaking from the stage is by far the quickest way to go from zero to hero overnight. 

Social Media Management & Calendar Management 

MissingLettr  A social scheduler that creates and posts a 12-month promotion each time it finds new content from your podcast or blog. Yes, 12 months of content from one blog post or podcast that gets scheduled on the social media networks you choose automatically! You can also create other posts and schedule them as well. It's one of my favorite tools and one I use often.

Promo Republic - Much like MissingLettr but it provides a great-looking post that can be used as-is or customized to fit your needs.  This tool is great for keeping your social profiles full of fresh content.  Think about how can this apply to podcasting as you build your posting calendar.

Book Like a Boss - Scheduling tool for services.  Book Like A Boss is a great tool for creating custom invites to make scheduling podcasts a snap.  Once you get your page set up it's pretty hands-off but does a great job of keeping you and your guest on time and on the same page.


I use Webinar Ninja for one reason. It's a real Webinar platform! Zoom is great for meetings but for a much lower price, you get full webinar functionality and the ability to build your business through webinars. It's a great tool.

Podcast Hosting

Blubrry - If you've had the opportunity to go to any of the podcasting conferences you've probably seen their booth. A great company that I'm helping with some enterprise clients. Great hosting that encourages you to own your RSS feed and gives you a free WordPress site along with IAB certified stats, vital if you're working with sponsors.

Podbean - Another great hosting service that Patrice hosts her podcast on so it's always a top contender for affordability and dependable service.


Affiliate Disclosure: I recommend products I've used currently or have either purchased or been given an account as part of a client relationship. I may receive a small commission if you signup via one of my links. You won't be charged a higher price, but the commission does help cover operating cost, etc.


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