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A Surprising Way to Measure and Increase Sales with Your Internal Podcast

May 21, 2019

Podcasting for Sales Enablement

Working with companies like Aflac, JP Morgan, ADP and others that have sales focused divisions it’s vital to understand how to quantify the spend on internal podcasting. In particular for Sales Enablement trainers and instructional designers often partner with marketing and sales leaders to craft content that’s meaningful, actionable and can produce quantifiable results. Meaning that If the company invest X number of dollars in podcasting they can see an actual result in the field.

Stats Are Everything

How you track the activity of your podcast, downloads, listenership, and types of devices are all important, but the surprising thing that almost everyone is ignoring where your content is being consumed.

Geo-tracking reveals where the content is being consumed and almost every podcast hosting company that offers an Enterprise Podcasting product offers this basic but powerful feature in there stats. It’s a simple map.

Highlighted areas which represent your heaviest listenership can help guide you in where to focus more efforts, or in the case for sales training, these numbers can tell you that of your entire sales force your top region listened to the podcast more closed more deals, enjoyed a shorter sales cycle or gained more meaningful referrals. Imagine delivering training via podcast on building an effective referral list and then watching which regions consumed the content and from that correlating how your people in the field succeed in referral prospecting.

Making the Case with Maps

Understanding where the content is being consumed can definitively make the case for why podcasting is an important part of any organizations communication or training toolkit. You can use maps to track the impact of free demos or sales numbers in relation to increases in revenue based on listenership in those regions.

Using maps and geo-targeting you can now measure your efforts based on how your sales force is consuming the training you deliver via podcast.


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