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The Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Podcast.

Sep 14, 2020

Is Podcasting Right for My Business?

I'm often asked, "is podcasting for my business?" Of course, my answer is always generally, yes, of course, you should create a podcast for your business!

There are at least a dozen reasons I could think of on why now, more than ever is the right time to start a podcast, but for the sake of this article, I'm going to outline my the top three that I've seen have the biggest impact on my business and my clients' work.

Podcast Create Instant Warm Leads

A great interview or shared thought on a podcast can be successful in a really interesting way. Interviews can warm up a market up to your offer, introduce you to prospects that could convert into future clients, and aid in creating advocacy in your existing client base as well as to educate your market.

One of the most effective ways to create leads in your business is to invite your prospective clients on your podcast, as a guest. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about their business in a way that you never could if they weren't being interviewed and open to answering questions about their business.

The exchange of ideas actually positions you to talk about your services and provides the opportunity to draw parallels between their business and yours without directly making an offer. So for example, if you were in the business of lead generation and you helped attorneys gather more leads, you could mention a scenario where one of your clients needed a more consistent way to bring in leads.

You can mention the solution and some and the win for the client. Then after the podcast, with the (post-interview method) You can remind them that you mentioned how your business is generating leads for attorneys and ask if they would be interested in getting more leads for their business? Because they've talked to you on the podcast, there's already some trust in you as an authority and you've already demonstrated that you can be an authority.

It's a really easy win, to now convert that person over at least to a meeting, and possibly to a client because there's already a perceived value in the service that you offer.

Perceive Value

Another compelling reason to consider starting a podcast for your business is perceived value. As a podcast host, the value of your opinion goes a lot further than you might think.

As you interview guest experts, those interviews increase the amount of influence you have with your audience and to continues to validate you as a professional in your field who has their finger on the pulse of that industry. In other words, you're establishing yourself as a thought leader and authority in your industry by simply having productive and intentional conversations with decision makers. 

Access Acceleration

Now Access Acceleration, a "Ross Orginal" term for the thing that happens when a podcast host is able to leverage their show to get introduced to an influencer that they normally would never have access to. 

Podcasting can quickly help you get access to people that normally wouldn't talk to you if you were trying to sell them something or just get them in front of your audience. However, because you have a podcast (it has to be good and well produced) you have the ability to reach out to PR Firms and the press to access well-known people, some with celebrity status. 

A perfect example is when I had Gary Vaynerchuck on my podcast a few years ago. He wasn't doing many interviews at the time so for me, it was the perfect time to grab him. It took a while and he took my call while in an airport, but it was what happened after the interview went live.

I didn't land business with Gary, but several dozen people that heard the interview reached out to me directly to see if I offered my digital marketing services to business their size. 

Do you see what happened? Some business owners and C-Suite level people assumed that if Gary passed up an interview with the Wall Street Journal to jump on my podcast, that I must be good at what we discussed. Access Acceleration, perceived authority, and instant warm leads all from one 15 minute interview.  

Podcasting is the new way of adding value for your clients while also giving you as the host the ability to break through to thought leadership in your field. 

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