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The Best Microphone for Podcasting


What's the best microphone for a podcast? I wish there was one simple answer to that question, but there are so many factors that go into what's the best mic for your voice, but I'm going to give you a great place to start.

There are a ton of microphones on the market that you could start with at various price points. For example, I have a Rode NT1, a Samson Q2U, and a few more but for the sake of this video, the microphone that I'm going to recommend is the most versatile that I've seen so far for a number of situations is the Samson Satellite.

This little microphone is a gorgeous little piece of equipment, I like the shiny top and it looks professional. Now you may laugh at that but I've had podcasters tell me it's important for them to look the part because they're doing video too, so kudos to Samson for making this mic look good! 

The Samson satellite awesome little piece of equipment. Definitely, one I recommend. 

Link to Mic: Buy the Mic 

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