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How Long Should I Make My Podcast

What's the best length for my podcast?

On a daily basis, I talk with podcasters about episode length, 30, 40 or 60 minutes? It's one of the biggest issues that actually slow the process for launching a podcast. Of course, how long a podcast is can be very subjective and really depends on a number of factors.

Solo Or Guest Based Podcast

The type of show can be a strong factor in how long a podcast episode ends up being. If you're doing your own monologues then you may not need an hour to clearly convey your thoughts about a subject. Even if you did need an hour, it's debatable and hard truth to consider but are you that interesting?  #REALTALK

Most people just can't hold an audience over a podcast for an entire hour and keep them engaged. Some can and if you're that special person then go for it but I recommend against it. One thing I advise my solo podcasters to do is to test a potential episode with two people. One that's a friend an one you don't know that well. Gauge their...

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