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6 Elements for Sales Onboarding with Podcasting

Hiring the right people and developing the skills needed is key to any businesses success. Your company performs to the level of the people you've hired to do the job, so bad hires can cost you dearly. How people come into a company can be a strong indication of how long they will stay and how well they might do in a position. That's why creating an onboarding program could help to avoid costly hiring mistakes. Let's take a look at 6 ways podcasting can be used for onboarding.

1. Pre-hire Welcome Program:

It's your time to shine, as a company that is! Use the time right when excitement is high to educate the new candidate about the company culture. Let them know what's coming in the next few days of the process and what to expect. Consider sharing positive feedback from recent hires on this podcast can really help new candidates feel welcome.

2. Define How Success is Measured:

New salespeople want to do one thing after being hired, make their numbers! However, so many managers I've...

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