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How to Create The Best Podcast Episode - In 10 Easy Steps

The Challange We Face As Podcasters

One of the biggest challenges and most frequently asked questions when talking with podcasters of all types is, how to create an effective episode, hits all the touchpoints, and avoids the common pitfalls that most podcasters make.

Knowing how to craft an episode is as important as promoting that episode to your internal or external audience.
In this massive blog post, I have identified the 10 essential steps to creating the best podcast episode, dare I say ever!

Let's review the process of how to approach podcasting more effectively. I work with several podcasts from the guest-driven podcast, to solo shows, internally focused for my corporate and enterprise clients and every variation of a podcast you can imagine.

Research Your Guest

One of the first and I think one of the most important aspects of episode planning is research. Especially when you have a guest based podcast or if you're interviewing an internal stakeholder.

My corporate and...

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